A thick smoothie of blended quinoa, almond milk, black mission figs and sweetened with maple or agave.
Quinoa Smoothie
Chick Pea Batter, Balled and Fried.
Falafel Ball 
Squash Fries
Squash seasoned and Cut like french fries and deep fried in olive oil
Bell Pepper Fries
Seasoned Bell pepper slices, floured and deep fried in olive oil

Red Onion circles, mixed in a seasoned batter and deep fried in olive oil,
Onion Rings
Blended chickpeas in a spicy onion mix, with tahini sauce as the finishing touch

Popcorn mushroom: Well seasoned mushrooms, with a touch of lime, that are floured and deep fried in natural shea butter to produce a golden brown look and a wonderful taste.
Fried Mushrooms
Squash (like yams)
Sweet Baked Squash, glazed in all natural maple syrup, grade B, lightly seasoned with cinnamon and other spices
A blend of four different fruits of your choidce, from our selection…

Berry Kale Salad, Raspberry dressing
A colorful, sweet and spicy salad, consisting of kale, cherry tomatoes, avacadoes, and onions, and mixed with blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries then topped with our raspberry dressing to provide a wonderful array of fruits and vegetables

Fruit Salad
Butternut Squash  Soup

Djon Djon Soup
A Warm, thick spicy vegetable soup of djon djon mushroom, calaloo Kale, Onions, Cherry Tomatoes and Chickpeas
A Sweet, mildly spicy, squash soup
Well seasoned vegetable soup, of dark, rich, green leafy vegetables.
Vegetable Soup
A vegetable soup made with rich dark green leafy vegetables; calaloo, kale, okra.

Tomato, Okra soup
Thick slices of tomato and okra, cooked with onions and seasoning and made into a thck soup
Nine Seal Tonic
A Herbal, healing tonic consisting  of a combination of  nine different herbs; Sarsaparilla, Chaney Root, Graney Back, Capadulla, Strong Back, Monkey Ladder, Lotus Bark, Burdoq, and Anise. Added to this is Key Limes, Himalayan Sea Salt, Cayenne and ginger the sweetened with natural agave nectur.
Herb Cleanser
A simple yet effective cleansing tea of Key Limes, Himalayan Sea Salt, and Cayenne and sweeted with agave or maple

Natural milk made with blended almonds (strained), Himalayan Sea Salt and sweetened with Maple syrup (grade b), giving it a smooth satin texture.

Almond Milk
Walnut Milk
Natural nut milk, made with blended walnuts (strained), Himalayan Sea Salt and sweetened with Maple Syrup.

Apple Chai Tea
A tasteful sweet and spicy tea made with the Chai herb, , blended apples, cayenne (mild) and sweetened with maple or agave. 
Apple Cider Tea
Warm or hot sweet Apple Cider spiced with Cinnamon, and/or Cayenne

Fruit Moss
Sweet, smooth Sea Moss, blended withcinnamon and  a fruit of your choice and sweetened with maple syrup or agave...
Fruit Smoothies
A Natural blend of three fruit combinations  and sweetened with maple or agave