Home made almond milk and walnut milk is alkaline.

The store brought cheese is made of either spoiled cow, or goat milk, which is acidic.

Avocados and tahini sauce mixed together makes a good cheese flavor.
Anything with eyes, nose, and a mouth should not be eaten.
White mushrooms are a good replacement for chicken when fried, and portabella mushrooms is a good replacement for other meats. Shitake mushrooms are acidic.
Pastas such as semolina, and durum wheat are mucous forming.
Spelt and kamut pastas are very high in alkaline.
White rice, brown rice are mucous forming.
Black rice and black wild rice are alkaline.
Collard greens are hybrid, which makes it acidic.
Good alternatives for collard greens are kale, turnip greens, baby spinach and callaloo.

White, wheat, corn, potato, rice, and millet flour are all acidic.
Good replacement flours are spelt, kamut, teff, and amaranth.
Grits are made of corn, and corn is acidic.
Fonio and Amaranth are good replacement for grits.
Lemons are acidic.
Limes are alkaline (get key limes if you can).

White sugar, brown sugar, and artificial flavors such as sweet and low, or sprulina are drugs.

Good sugar replacements are agave, which is cactus honey, date sugar, and maple syrup grade B.

Iceberg lettuce is hybrid.
Romaine Lettuce
is a good alternatives.

Large tomatoes are injected with hormones to make them larger.

Good alternatives are cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and plum tomatoes.

Cranberries are acidic.
All other berries are good.

Large bananas are injected with hormones to make them larger, and plantains are hybrid

Baby bananas are  an alternative for the large bananas, and green bananas are replacements for plantains.

Most beans such as kidney beans, lima beans, lentos beans, black eyed peas and so on are acidic.
Chick pea in moderation is a good replacement.

Table salt is high in iodine, which causes high blood pressure.

Sea salt and Himalayan salt are good alternatives.
A good alternative for yams is squash and pumpkin.

Yams are acidic and mucous forming.

Black pepper corns, white pepper, and paprika are all hybrid.

A good alternative is cayenne pepper.

Many people use nutmeg and cinnamon together in recipes such as French toast or pumpkin pie.
Nutmeg is acidic and it will not take away the flavor of your food if you used cinnamon minus the nutmeg.

Cinnaman is a good alternative
Sea Moss is a good alternative.
Yeast is mucous forming
Cow milk, Goat milk, Soymilk, store bought almond milk, and       chestnut milk all are mucous forming and acidic.